Ready To Be Crowned

Strong trends always come to change things, and crowns are coming to put ending with women's insecurities.

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  • Crown Designer: Jennifer Behr

    Wanting to look like a queen can be deemed as a pretentious desire. Probably for lack of understanding. Aspiring for a royal appearance goes far beyond looking ostentatious, it is about reaching self-esteem, confidence, and powerful energies.

    Exactly what women are currently passionately pursuing.

    There is a trend slowly sparking up since the early 2010s about using crowns for casual and daily attire. Dolce & Gabbana did the statement in their Fall 2013 Ready to Wear Collection, which was celestial. The same year, Cara Delevingne astonished the world using a minimalist crown for her 2013 October Vogue Australia Issue. Although, some experts say that this tendency arrived to fashion in 2012 with the great success of the Snow White and the Huntsman movie, in which the perverse queen wears exotic and dreamy crowns.

    In an interview for HELLO in 2016, the Australian milliners and crowns designer Viktoria Novak said after her New York Fashion Week Runway Show of that year, “I felt as though Americans really embraced the idea… They loved that the crown could now be perceived as an everyday wearable accessory, rather than something that has been viewed as a fairytale fantasy.”

    The trend has been primarily seen in artful festivals like Coachella and Tomorrowland. Spaces that are truly open to self-expression. Which suggests that the desire in women to feel as queens is alive and vibrant.

    “What I hear most from my clients is how amazing my crowns make them feel – they feel they can conquer the world… My advice is that when you think 'crown', don't think tiara, think modern and chic. If you're ready to take on the world – you're ready to be crowned,” says Victoria to HELLO.

    In past 2019 Spring Runway Shows, striking hair accessories were vastly seen, but the marvelous flower crowns of Rodarte’s spectacle took all the media attention.

    Crowns as a casual outfit supplement are coming to make girls feel unstoppable.