Future Puerto Rican Haute Couture Fashion Designer, Addis de Leon

When having the right attitude, everything is possible.

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  • In Puerto Rico, studying fashion design, and dreaming with a designer career is for brave people. Even more after September 20 of 2017, when a category 4 hurricane devastated the Island, leaving everybody and everything in uncertainty circumstances.

    Addis Medina de León, who prefers not to mention her Medina last name, and just calls herself Addis de León, is a fashion student that represents what fashion in someway is: aspirations, dreams, splendor and beauty.

    “I am flavor and color, I was born of Dominican parents but in Puerto Rico, living in the tropics makes us happy, festive people. I really like to appreciate art, interact with other artists. I love dressing well, combine unusual colors, I try to avoid the black color.” said Addis describing herself.

    Two of the industries most affected after the monstrous storm were: agriculture and high fashion. There were no social events, no time for beauty, no money for anything other than restructuring homes and surviving without a job; since most of the people were left without salaries for lack of production.

    The Puerto Rican fashion designer Carlos Collazo said to Metro, in November 3, 2017:

    "I think that exclusive designers live of vanity and it's not the time for luxuries. Some of my employees had to leave the country and others are still waiting."

    A year and a little more later, the industry is standing up, and Puerto Rican joyful and cheerful culture is in the ambience again.

    With great talent, happy attitude, and confidence; Addis is in her last semester of her undergraduate degree in Fashion Design and she’s sure that what she wants is to start her career as a Haute Couture fashion designer in Puerto Rico.

    “I want to develop as a designer of haute couture, I always enjoy the artisanal details that define a dress, the combination of colors, but above all, I enjoy when a piece of haute couture is defined by its finishes, I think that the interior and exterior of the piece have to be well finished, likewise the fitting is very important for me. " said De León.

    During her path of college, Addis collaborated as volunteer in important fashion events as the Puerto Rico Fashion Week and Fashion In; she had the opportunity to work with designers Gustavo Arango and Custo Barcelona. She also worked for six months in Karen Millen Boutique as Sales Assistant and Stylist, helping important clients to find the perfect outfit.

    Although Addis has not had formal work experiences in the field of fashion design, the 23 years old student already has her professional style.

    “Over time, I have been developing my own style, I could define it well tropical, loose silhouettes, comfortable and useful pieces. Of course, elegant and colorful... I am inspired by designers as Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Del Pozo, Elsa Shiaparelli, Valentino, Rodarte, Marchesa and others.” specified Addis.

    The young woman is not insecure when talking about her goals and future steps. She has a very positive vision of her future, and she feels ready to start.

    “I want to graduate and start producing, if I can not get an "atelier" space, I will start from my house. I want to make myself known, making connections is very important ... In Summer I would like to take a Draping course at the Design School of Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic which is affiliated by Parson School of Design... I hope to always be my own boss.” concluded Addis.