Growing Business Collective Request

A modern and distinct fashion boutique is expanding in Puerto Rico.

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  • An online fashion boutique is currently a business that every fashion lover, even though deep inside, want to develop. With the technology of today, the start is the simplest process. But like everything, the success comes in the details, the specifics, the fine points.

    Collective Request is a fashion company founded by Ashley Cervantes, which have been growing in Puerto Rico since 2015. It started as an online business, two years later they already have open two brick and mortar stores. Which generate the vast majority of sales, according to the owner.

    The first one was established in Old San Juan, the most touristic area in Puerto Rico. The place is outstanding for its modern layout. Its atmosphere is clean and stylish. Its facade strikes the attention of everyone who crosses around it.

    “When cruises come, big groups of people come to the store because they love how the store looks from the outside… especially Asians, who are always stylish women... they always come in and buy something,” said Adriana Jirau, a 23 years old Fashion Request Sales Assistant.

    The second brick-and-mortar store was established in Guaynabo, in an area only resorted by locals. It’s a more little space where clients usually see what they want on the web page or in social media and go to the store looking for specific pieces, Adriana detailed.

    Collective Request’s clothing styles are pretty similar to what is currently trending between the most successful online-instagram boutiques like Shoplovestreet, Shop Liv3 and The Westside Collective. The pieces are minimalist, casual, comfort, fancy, a little gypsy, and a little elegant.

    For Puerto Rico, this offer is absolutely innovative and unique.

    “The style of this boutique is pretty different in comparison with other boutiques in Puerto Rico, the style is more in line with what is fashionable in the rest of the world,” said Adriana.

    Although clothing is their main inventory, Collective Request’s accessories has a great demand, since are between the bestseller brands of the company, according to Ashley.

    Between their hit brands are:

    Le Specs: An iconic Australian sunglasses brand with an Euro chic style inspired in the fifties classic shape. Was founded in 1979, and has global recognition since it has been worn by personalities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Zayn Malik, and Justin Bieber. This according to their brand web page.

    Baggu: An aesthetically appealing bags brand, recognized for being colorful, sustainable, and reusable. Founded in 2007 by a Japanese living in San Diego, Emily Sugihara.

    The English Factory: A clothing and accessories brand, founded in Los Angeles in 2014, which deliver preppy silhouettes with a focus on the details. It is characterized by its effortless and feminine vibes.

    Glamorous: Is a brand of clothing, shoes, and accessories established in the UK in 2007, and today can be found in over 30 countries throughout the world including U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Russia, Italy, and Germany. The brand style is distinguished for being fearless.

    The boutique has gained a great niche in the local Puerto Rican fashion industry for its modern approach, and its avant-garde marketing. According to Ashley, their social media ads have been their most effective resources to make them known. They count with 22.6K followers on Instagram, and 22.7K on Facebook.

    They also run a blog, and works with influencers as Oda la Moda, The Picking Order,, Barbie Brignoni, and more, as stated Cervantes.

    Collective Request distinction came with its “learning and evolving” attitude as particularize the owner. The business is on date with trends, they offer styling services, and their main priority is the clients' requests.

    “When women ask for something, they want good results. They actually want to receive exactly what they ask for. This is why we chose the name Collective Request. Because we always have women's request as first priority: offering them the right look to make them feel great about themselves.” according to Collective Request online page “about us”.