Magical Old San Juan And Their Boutiques

Boutiques that are shaping new concepts in the Old San Juan.

Puerto Rico, Business, Fashion Industry

  • The Old San Juan is the most emblematic district in Puerto Rico; for its historical and cultural value, its exotic beauty, and its creative local commerce. There is an abundance presence of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs, museums, galleries, and boutiques.

    It is the place where cruises stop for a few hours, which are enough for tourists to fall in love with Puerto Rico and their people.

    It is also the place where teenagers hang out, families stroll, and people date.

    Old San Juan communities are where every artist dreams to live… well, really all Puerto Ricans want to... if it weren’t for the lack of parking for locals, and the traffic.

    Boutiques that open in this sector have the opportunity of being internationally connected, since it is the place that for sure all foreigners visit when they are on the island.

    Some renowned boutiques are: Pure Soul, Chopard, Colonial Hill, Collective Request, LUCA, Gisi, Lucia, Chic Lolita, international Haute Couture Fashion Designers boutiques - Lisa Capalli and Eclectica, and more.

    But there are some new boutiques that women undertook recently with great concepts and designs.


    It’s a boutique of selected and curated vintage clothing which starts as a Pop Up in Baltimore by Maru Aldea, a Puerto Rican who studies Fashion Design in Parson. After graduating she lived between New York and Baltimore for twenty years, working in different fashion companies as Senior Design Manager, Creative Concepts Developer, Creative Director, Trend Reporter, and more.

    After losing her last job in 2017, she decided to put all her time in a Pop Up she opened with a friend while she found another job. Since no job resulted, she decided to come back to Puerto Rico, an idea that she was having in mind for a while.

    In Puerto Rico, she was part of an event of Pop-Ups, and there she noticed how the good energies attract her to keep her vintage business in the Island.

    “The welcoming was beautiful, much more beautiful than what was happening in Baltimore, people like it a lot over there but the vintage industry is saturated and I was not feeling inspired there,” said Maru.

    Now she has her space in Old San Juan, still not a year since the opening, but she feels strong with her business. Even after people tell to her after her establishment in Puerto Rico that things here are pretty bad, she feels that everything goes wonderful.

    Muns Jewelry:

    It’s a boutique which started just online in 2015 by two sisters: Bianca Muns and Paola Muns. In 2016 they started designing their own collections by themselves in a digital program. In 2018 they opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Old San Juan.

    Their designing style is minimalist, open and simple. They describe it as ageless.

    “The past fall collection is called memoir, it was a collection inspired by our grandmas and vintage jewelers, but we never design around a certain topic, it is always a sea of ideas,” said Bianca.

    Muns sisters have been releasing two collections in a year, but they are planning to start increasing the new arrivals around seven times a year, to maintain their clients engaged.

    Their brick-and-mortar store is open to sharing their space with other local fashion designers.

    The store layout is creative and innovative, since the jewelry is displayed in artsy installations.


    It’s a brick-and-mortar bags boutique founded by Matilsha Marxuach. She’s a graduate designer from Rhode Island School of Design who started her bags line based on strong values.

    “We are a part of worldwide communities working to provide customers with quality products of local design and manufacturing within the fashion industry, while providing fair value to the support chain that makes everything possible.” said Marxuach in her brand webpage.

    The brand was founded in 2006, and from the beginning had a great consumer acceptance. Bags are renowned for their resilience and colorful fabrics.

    The store is also open for sharing space to other local designers that Matilsha believes in.

    It seems that the sharing culture is influencing Puerto Rican Fashion Industry.